Haunted Laboratory

The doors of the Haunted Laboratory at 1300 Triplett Bouevard in Akron, OH creaked open in 1981, but the building's history began on June 26, 1932 when it was operated by The University of Akron as the Guggenheim Air Institute. Since the university had no aeronautical experts, the Institute operated under the supervision of German Scientist, Dr. Karl Von Karman. Many of the buildings unique features at the Institutes are showcased in our show. Your tour at the Haunted Laboratory encompasses four stories of spine tingling scenes. You will walk onto a catwalk wile lasers shoot up through the four story vertical wind tunnel. You will be able to view one of a kind, state-of-the-art Tesla Coils, spinning black holes and an array of intricate sets.

When touring both of our Halloween productions we offer 7 FLOORS OF COMBINED TERROR.  We have 10 acres of free parking next door at our Haunted Schoolhouse.  We employ 50 actors as well as adult supervisors, staff members and Akron City Police who observe and patrol our show.

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