Haunted Schoolhouse

The Haunted Schoolhouse is a three-story brick building in the former Thomastown Elementary School at 1280 Triplett Boulevard in Akron, OH. The School Building was purchased from the Akron Board of Education in September of 1974 and has been scaring the yell out of its many visitors ever since. We have artists and set designers who work year round to create exciting new sets every year, as well as add a fresh polish to existing scenes. Touring the schoolhouse has been likend to visiting a detailed hollywood movie set. Your trip through our attraction will include a visit to a home of witches, giants, dragons and gargoyles. You'll also travel through cemeteries, Dracula's castle and Dr. Frankenstein's Laboratory, as well as the evil king's dungeon of terror.

When visiting both of our Haunted attractions you will experience 7 FLOORS OF COMBINED TERROR. During the Halloween season we employ 50 actors at the schoolhouse in addition to adult supervisors, staff members and Akron City Police who observe and patrol our show. We offer 10 acres of free parking. Tickets are purchased in our large indoor waiting area and a concession counter is provided with a seating area for parents waiting for their children to tour the attraction.

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