The staff and management of the Haunted Schoolhouse and the Haunted Laboratory strive yearly to achieve the highest level as professionals in what are two of the country's most outstanding Halloween productions.

Our philosophy has always been to use our sets as diversions for the actors.  We have spent a great deal of time, money and most importantly, our experience in the business since 1974 to add to your experience.  All of those years set us apart from our competition and give us a polish that is rare in our industry.  Our goal is to provide a safe, professional and entertaining show.  We do not believe it is necessary for our actors to touch the public to achieve the goal of scaring anyone.  For this reason we have a very strict do not touch the monsters and the monsters will not touch you policy. 


We do not recommend our show for children under the age of seven.  Please understand that the show may be too intense for children who cannot discern fantasy from the reality of what appears to be happening.  You certainly know your own child better than anyone so we suggest you bring young children at your own discretion. 

We do reserve the right to ask you to exit with your children if you child becomes too frightened to finish the show.  Our actors have been instructed not to pursue a child who is not dealing well with the experience.  If we have asked you to leave with your child, you have the option of being escorted down.  If you choose to continue on and see the rest of the show, you will be taken back to the point where you had to exit the show.  We do not offer refunds for anyone who cannot make it through our show after entering the show.

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