The Legend

The Legend of The Haunted Schoolhouse & Laboratory:  The Von Groddeck Journal

The Akron Haunted Schoolhouse and laboratory, located at 1300 Triplett Boulevard in Akron, has a great reputation as a "haunted" attraction.  Every fall the proprietors open the doors to the thousands of customers who come for the fun and thrill of one the best "Haunted Houses" in the country.

Little do visitors know, but the two buildings that make up the Akron Haunted School House & Laboratory have their own legends of hauntings and strange activities, including the disappearance of a well known Ghosthunter, Dr. Wilhelm Von Groddeck in 1968.

The Von Groddeck Journal is a fascinating document, in that it provides a fragmentary account of the last days before Von Groddecks's disappearance.  Some of what Von Groddeck has documented in his journal is bizarre, and is quite possibly the work of a delusory and deranged mind.  Here for the first time, are excerpts from the Von Groddeck Journal.  The journal, along with letters and documents found with it, may provide clues to the author's whereabouts.

Whether fact or delusion, now you can be the judge.

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